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About Gemma

Learn more about Gemma's eclectic skills and story
Gemma received her Master’s Degree at the Academy of Music in Warsaw and her Post Graduate Degree with Honors in Geneva as a solo violinist. Living in Paris as a young artist she performed chamber music, and traveled internationally.

It was here, too, that her love of jazz and singing, and her passion for composition led her to create a one-woman show, for which she also designed her own costumes.

In the mid 80’s Gemma moved to New York City, where she recorded her music with the industry’s finest musicians. She also played violin at the Metropolitan Opera. Performing with the world’s greatest singers and dancers and observing the most spectacular stage designs by Franco Zeffirelli inspired Gemma’s imagination. She started to paint.

Admirers of her work find her visual images soft and feminine.

Gemma experiments with non-traditional techniques and she plays with shades and colors as if they were part of a violin cadenza.

Now, living in Connecticut, she also creates children’s stories with musical scores, working on the projects with her brother Olo, a remarkable prize-winning illustrator and animator.

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These portraits are fanciful, and intended to place the subject in another reality—a perfect and harmonious reality. Gemma paints what is, or has been, relevant to the individual’s life, as the aura of the subject guides her.


Gemma’s paintings are always inspired by music, transporting the viewer to another dimension of color, harmony, and spirituality.


“One of the greatest dancers seem to have invisible wings…they seem to fly above the stage mesmerizing their audiences as if under a spell.”

 Provide Gemma a picture of yourself or a loved one—a child or friend—and she will create an imaginative piece of art that presents them in an ambiance of beauty.


Opera Divas

Opera divas are opera divas. We love them—and we forgive them because of the beauty of their music. 


Fanciful portraits that invoke the angelic sweetness of children


Visual explorations of memories from a different time

Portraits of Children

Isabelle with her Sister

Portraits & Opera Divas



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